Marcel PAGNOL (1895-1975) A rare set of... - Lot 257 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés

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Marcel PAGNOL (1895-1975) A rare set of... - Lot 257 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés
Marcel PAGNOL (1895-1975) A rare set of two early manuscripts given by PAGNOL to his former teacher at the Lycée Thiers in Marseille. These manuscripts, which have since remained in the family of the poet, félibre and playwright Emile RIPERT (1882-1947), can be considered today as the writer's first steps into the world of Greco-Latin drama. They are accompanied by an autograph letter from Marcel Pagnol to his "Master". [...] I discovered Marcel Pagnol as a teenager with beautiful eyes full of fire and tenderness, at the Lycée de Marseille, where he was my student for a while in ninth grade; he offered me his first verses in which he evoked an Ulysses in love with distant travels [...] I published some of them in a magazine I was directing at the time [...] Emile RIPERT Autograph letter to Emile Ripert signed by Marcel Pagnol Aix, February 9th, 1920, 1 page and a half in-4 in black ink on a school notebook sheet. Master, I received your note on time, the note will be in a very good place, how can I thank you for the favor you will grant to Fortunio's subscribers? It will help us a lot [...]. "Ulysses" Tragedy in verse. AUTOGRAPHIC MANUSCRIPT SIGNED "Marcel Pagnol" on the cover, dated 1917 at the end of the text. Small squared notebook (19 x 20 cm), cover with a drawn title and an excerpt from Canto IX of the Odyssey as an exergue; 23 pages in-4 written in black ink and 4 blank pages. A few autograph corrections, folds, small tears and lacks at the edge of the margins without affecting the text. [...] And the bay was flat and sandy and golden... Over there, on the clear waves with measured swells Swaying towards the glittering evening sky The cedar masts, with a harmonious and slow rhythm Three galleys slept, white, on the green sea. And in the island for four days discovered Under the vault of the pines of the ancient forest Where the breeze, crying low like a regret Rolls in the perfume of the fragile ferns On the deep moss and in the light shade The companions of the great Ulysses, without remorse Slept a vague and sweet sleep like death They ate the fresh lotus... [...] Catullus, Ancient drama in four acts in verse. Marcel Pagnol 1916 AUTOGRAPHIC MANUSCRIFT SIGNED by Pagnol Marcel on the cover and at the end of act IV, dated 1916 on the title page. Schoolboy's notebook from Ecole Pratique Marseille, in-4 paperback (22 x 17.5 cm), used pink cover, 142 pages written in ink on lined paper and 68 blank pages. A few autograph corrections, small tears and lacks at the edge of the margins without affecting the text. One of the first tragedies in verse by Marcel Pagnol, this manuscript published in "Fortunio" magazine in 1922, remains unpublished on stage. [...] And I dreamed of loves, which would never be fulfilled, would forever fill the emptiness of my life... I dreamed of a solitary and constant love, it is heavy, the love that lasts too long, love, it is heavy, the constant and solitary love... No... My heart is not made for this austere life, I like the merry pleasures and the merry lovers, I grow old, and the life is changed in my eyes... Don't you see? [...]
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