CAROLING SALE: ASICS Crafts for Mind by Florence Tetier

jeudi 15 décembre 2022 20:00
JOGGING , 103 Rue Paradis 13006 Marseille
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ASICS partners with Florence Tétier, Paris-based creative director and jewelry designer, to craft unique pairs of Gel Nimbus™ 9 sneakers. 30 pairs will be put up for auction on from Wednesday 14th of December 2022 at 8pm until Thursday 15th of December 2022 at 8pm on and shipped exclusively by Jogging Marseille.

Florence Tétier is co-founder and creative director of Novembre magazine, creative director at fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as a jewelry designer for her namesake brand, Tétier Bijoux. Opening her own jewelry brand almost 5 years ago, Tétier wanted to diverge from the digital aspects of the industry. She recovers obsolete objects and materials, and reworks them to create a new piece. Each object is unique and the quantities are limited. Her objective is to remain on a small scale in order for her to continue working on the pieces herself. She has made jewelry for names such as Charlotte Knowles, Gucci Vault, Dilara Findikoglu and SSENSE.

This partnership is the fourth in the series of ASICS' Crafts for Mind program, which reinforces the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating long-lasting products with purpose.

For this edition of Crafts for Mind, Tétier has reimagined Gel Nimbus™ 9 sneakers , a model which she wears everyday. She brings her special touch without altering the model by creating a series of handmade jewelry in found plastic. The wearer can decide whether to wear the shoes with or without the shoe accessories, making it completely personalisable.

Florence Tétier has reworked three colors, each jewel addition is unique and will be available in the following sizes and colors :

Colorway 1 : White / Black (Women) : 2x 6,5US, 2x 7US, 1x 7,5US, 2 x8 US, 1x 9US, 2x 10US

Colorway 2: Pure Silver / Classic Red (Men): 1x 4.5US, 1x 7US, 1x 7.5US, 1x 8.5US, 1x 9US, 2x 9.5US, 1x 10US, 1x 11US, 1x 11.5US

Colorway 3: Frosted Almond / Black (Men): 1x 4.5US, 1x 5.5US, 1x 7.5US, 1x 8US, 1x 9US, 2x 9.5US, 2x 10US, 1x 10.5US

For the launch of the collaboration, Florence Tétier and ASICS chose Jogging Marseille concept store to host the project. Marseille holds a historic significance in local ASICS culture and is the place where Florence always comes back to, so this choice was organic for both Tétier and ASICS. The celebration will take place at the end of the auction with the local Marseille community.

All proceeds from the crafted pairs will be donated to Ecole Democratique de Paris (EDP), a local Parisian collective selected by Tétier and where everyone, regardless of age, is considered as fully sovereign over his or her existence and able to learn independently.

Taking care of our mental health is as important as looking after our physical health in today's hectic daily life. With the Crafts for Mind programme, ASICS SportStyle pursues making an actionable contribution to move minds, helping them to stay balanced, creating a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

L'Ecole Democratique is an alternative associative school open since 2016 and welcomes children from 5 to 18 years old.

"Thanks to its caring and individualized approach, this establishment has enabled more than 250 children, including many young people with special needs (learning disabilities, various handicaps) to rediscover a love for school and learning." Yazid Arifi, director at l'Ecole Democratique de Paris.

The pairs will be presented on 14/12 exclusively at Jogging Marseille. The auction will open at *LIEN* from 14/12 at 8pm CET.

Pairs Available: 30 to sale via auction on

Retail Partner : Jogging Marseille

Mental Health Foundation: École Democratique de Paris

About Florence Tétier

Paris-based artist, designer, creative director, and co-founder of Novembre magazine, Florence Tétier launched her eponymous Tétier Bijoux jewelry label in 2018. Since then, her bold and irreverent up-cycled jewelry has garnered accolades throughout the fashion world. Staying true to her mantra 'Nothing dies, everything is transformed,' she uses interventional repurposing of discarded plastics, toys and found objects to create extraordinary floral and crustacean-like sculptural forms. Melding technicolor, neon and transparents with up-cycled textiles, she finds connection

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