Meeting of 7 documents -Rare and historical... - Lot 180 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés

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Meeting of 7 documents -Rare and historical... - Lot 180 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés
Meeting of 7 documents -Rare and historical poster of the minutes of the Assembly of the Administrations Tribunals, General Committee and Presidents of the Sections of Marseille, June 16, 1793. After justifying texts, the sections rebel against the Convention and swear not to recognize any more the decrees of the Convention until the moment when freedom will be restored in its entirety and to recognize the Popular Court of Marseille. Printer Jean MOSSY. Dimensions : 54 x 80 cm. -Rare poster judgment of the revolutionary criminal court following the uprising and the rebellion of the federalists, Marseille 5 Floréal year 2 (April 24, 1794) : Sentence of death for 11 individuals, sends back 2 individuals to the house of confinement and acquittal of the accusation and enlarges 5 others. Printed by Jouve Comp, printer of the Revolutionary Criminal Court. Missing title band. Dimensions : 52 x 41 cm. -A poster with a very beautiful vignette in header "In the Name of the French People": The representative of the people sent in the department of BdR and VAUCLUSE (MAIGNET), 12 Prairial year 2 (May 31, 1794). Dimensions : 42 x 53 cm. A 4 p. print of the speech pronounced to the Popular Society of Marseille in the session of the 17 thermidor year 2 of the Republic (August 4, 1794) by the people's representative MAIGNET is joined. -A poster, in the name of the French people the representatives of the people near the armies of Italy and the ALPES, RITTER and SALICETTI in Marseilles the 15 nivôse year 3 (on the leathers and skin for the needs of the army), printing P.A. FAVET. Dimensions : 36 x 45 cm. -A poster: decree of the convention of June 24, 93 vignette in heading, on the events arrived in the DR (rupture with the Convention by the sections of Marseilles, June 16, 93). Dimensions: 37 x 47 cm. -A handwritten letter In-4, Marseille April 10, 1792. About the devastation of the castle of VELAUX, signed by the administrators composing the directoire of the district of Marseille: BREMOND (masonic signature) and Em. BAUSSET commissioner, public prosecutor. -Interesting poster " EMMANUEL BAUSSET to the administrators of the district of Marseille " about the calumnies concerning him, November 22, 1792. Very good text. Dimensions : 41 x 52 cm.
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