Project for the treatment of venereal diseases... - Lot 125 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés

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Project for the treatment of venereal diseases... - Lot 125 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés
Project for the treatment of venereal diseases of indigent persons presented to M.M. the Directors of the Hôtel Dieu by the current syndic of the college of physicians of Marseille, 1772. Eighteenth century manuscript of 9 and 1/2 pages in-8 written in ink on laid paper, signed "Raymond" dated March 21, 1772. "The college of physicians whose views always have as their object the Public Health has occupied itself with treating with the least possible expense the venereal diseases of which an infinite number of useful and honest families are afflicted. The method he proposes will even reduce the expenses of charitable organizations for the treatment of chronic diseases produced by the venereal virus so widespread and little fought. This virus, spreading more and more in this city, brings desolation to families and depopulation to the citizens by circulating with the blood, poisoning first the sources of life and then undermining all the organs. The neglected worm, undermining little by little the body plunges finally the unhappy ones which are contaminated of it, in chronic diseases, such as indomitable ulcers, the decay of the bones, the slow fever, the phthisis, the Hydropisie diseases for which the great mercy and the Hotel God are consumed in expenses the most often without success. Added to so many calamities the inertia to which the pox reduces those who are attacked by it. Their strength, weakened by the disease, refuses to work in proportion to their needs, and soon indigence and misery force them to have recourse to public charity to obtain food aid [...] the college proposes to the paternal charity of M.M. the directors of the Hôtel Dieu the following project, which instead of constantly pruning the branches which do not cease to reproduce in greater numbers, cuts the evil at its root and destroys it [...] In fact, doctors are the only ones who are able to fulfill this object. As the only inventors of the various methods of combating the venereal virus in whatever form it may take and in whatever way it may be complicated, they alone can employ them successfully because they alone embrace the universality of the art of healing [...]"
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