DALMOUTH of YAROSCHEWITCH Boleslas Joseph... - Lot 325 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés

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DALMOUTH of YAROSCHEWITCH Boleslas Joseph... - Lot 325 - Maison R&C, Commissaires-Priseurs Associés
DALMOUTH of YAROSCHEWITCH Boleslas Joseph said (Zhytomir, Russia 16/03/1854-Marseille 21/05/1915) Boleslas Joseph of Yaroschewitch was born in Russia in 1854, he was the son of a captain of the Russian Imperial Army. At the age of 23 he left St Petersburg to settle in Marseille where he married Rose Curnier in 1892. Despite numerous attempts to obtain his naturalization, it seems that he never obtained satisfaction, keeping his Russian nationality until his death in 1915. It was under the pseudonym of Dalmouth that he worked as a photographer in Marseille from 1884 to 1915 in several successive studios. His first studio was located in 1884 at 17 rue de la Palud, followed by studios at 7 Place de Rome in 1892, 77 Rue d'Aubagne in 1893, 34 Cours Pierre Puget in 1905 and finally 50 rue Vacon from 1908 to 1915. "As a photographer for the Messageries Maritimes de la Chambre de Commerce et des Docks, he produced several large and beautiful albums for this shipping company in the years 1895-1900, which were intended to be sold on board the liners. At the same time, he published several of his photographs of ships as postcards. Dalmouth won a gold medal at the 1906 Colonial Exhibition for his process of shooting with artificial light. In 1905-1910 he became the accredited photographer for the "Variétés Casino" magazines. The photographer's studio collection includes: -A file of about thirty documents concerning his life and career. Extracts of civil status, birth and marriage certificates, family booklet, death notices, residence permits, applications for naturalization and various documents in Russian. A portrait of the photographer in his apartment, silver print from 1905, mounted on cardboard from the Dalmouth studio, is attached. This set of family documents clarifies some dates and details of the biography of a photographer that we knew only approximately. -1 Album composed of about 90 old postcards, photos, phototypes of which two rare photo cards of the front of the photographer's studio 34 Cours Pierre Puget. c.1905, several photographs and postcards of magazines at the Variétés-Casino (Director Emile Bessières), postcards of liners of the Messageries Maritimes - 1 modern folder composed of 22 silver prints of the time in the format 12x17 cm most of them with dry stamp of the studio in recto.c.1910. Manufacture of the soap Grappe d'or, Construction of the fish auction quai de Rive Neuve, Repair and assembly workshops of tramways, Store 'A la Grande Maison', Compagnie Générale des pétroles : Autovéline oil and Naphtacycle gasoline for cars... - Two period enlargements: view of the depot of the tramway company of Marseille and group portrait of the whole staff (25 x 39 cm).
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